How to Choose & Use Fly-Tying Thread (Print)

Stillwater Fly Fishing: Tools & Tactics

cover of How to Choose and Use Fly-tying Thread, print edition

Prepared for UNI Products by Paul C Marriner and Gale's End Press, this 48-page, 5.25 x 8.25 inch, booklet is a highly popular, valuable teaching aid and supplementary handout for fly-tying instructors. Instructors or clubs can order multiple copies, charge is for shipping only. Contact us for details.

Some of the topics covered in the booklet are: 1) thread materials, construction, and sizes; 2) basic thread operations such as tying-in and tying-off; 3) dubbing techniques; and 4) spinning hair. All techniques are fully illustrated with color photographs, more than 90 in all. How to Choose & Use Fly-tying Thread aims to help beginning fly-tiers understand the types and sizes of fly-tying threads and how they can best be used to tie today's incredible variety of fly patterns. UNI Products offers threads to tie everything from a 1/8" long caenis mayfly for trout to a 12" Sea Habit Bucktail for marlin.

Individual copies are available from the Order page.

cover of Stillwater Fly Fishing featuring a tasmanian fly fisher battling a large brown trout

John Randolph, former editor and publisher of Fly Fisherman magazine, wrote: “Fishing stillwaters provides us with fly fishing’s toughest challenges .... Paul Marriner explains how to solve these mysteries and explains modern and traditional techniques to catch the largest fish of your life.”

Bring a neophyte flyfisher to a river and ask him where to find fish. While likely overlooking some hotspots, he will generally point out others. Ask the same question about a lake or pond and you can usually expect a blank stare. The visual clues are there, just camouflaged. Stillwater Fly Fishing: Tools & Tactics exposes these clues as essential ingredients in the recipe for all successful angling: find feeding fish and feed them.

Martin Jorgensen, co-publisher of the Global Fly Fisher, wrote: “... the book keeps every promise that I found – expressed or hidden – in that intro. It’s an excellent book ... It’s the best and most thorough book I have read on the subject.”

Stillwater is divided into three parts: Getting Ready, Finding Fish, Tactics and Flies, with the latter occupying more than half the book. Getting Ready covers tackle recommendations, various watercraft suitable for fly-fishing including tips for equipping, and standard and innovative retrieves. Finding Fish explains the three major sets of clues for finding fish—structure, wind, and foodforms—and a potpourri of others such as birds. Tactics and Flies describes approaches and patterns used on the stillwaters of three continents to solve scores of presentation problems. No matter if the fish are visible or out of sight, shallow or deep, cruising or in ambush, feeding on chironomids or baitfish, here are ways and the flies to catch them.

Stillwater has 231 pages with 160 black and white illustrations and images. The format is 8.5 x 5.5" with a soft cover. Also available from us is a slip-cased, hardbound, limited edition.

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