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Guides Eyes


Perry Munro

Outdoorsman. A substantial word, evoking images of hunting, fishing, and trapping. Nevertheless, it feels deficient when applied to Perry Munro. For more than fifty years he has done all those things and many more. Operating a maple syrup business, managing a woodlot and milling lumber to build cabins, and running a professional guiding business including a lodge, these are just a few examples of his constant connection to the natural world. A connection not just in the doing; he also expresses it in sketches, watercolours, sculpture and writing. Perry’s contributions to the national effort to promote Canada’s recreational fisheries were recognized with the 2017 National Recreational Fisheries Award. He also participated in the national effort to professionalize the guiding community. Born in Nova Scotia’s fertile Annapolis Valley, he spent ten years as an R & D Technician with the Canadian Department of Agriculture before taking full control of his future. In Guides Eyes Perry shares just some of his appreciation for the non-virtual world. Illustrating his stories are 45 of the author's black and white sketches, photographs, and watercolour renditions.


Guides Eyes is 8.5 x 5.5, 140 pages, signed by the author. A digital edition is also available.

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New Digital Publication

Fly Patterns of Canada

Based on the sold-out print title, A Compendium of Canadian Fly Patterns by R.H. Jones & P.C. Marriner, Fly Patterns of Canada has:

  •  more than 1,600 fly patterns illustrated in full colour
  •  recipes for several hundred more (typically variations) in an appendix
  • tying instructions for challenging patterns in an appendix
  • patterns for scores of species with a focus on trout and salmon
  • all habitats and regions represented
  • a variety of interactive features
  •  3 available formats: interactive PDF; reflowable ePub; mobi file for Kindles or Kindle apps


For tablet and larger screens  the PDF is the best choice; for phones the mobi file and a Kindle app offer the best performance.


A recent purchaser wrote: "Thank you for sending the file so quickly, I'm looking forward to trying out some of the patterns you've included. I must say, I really enjoy your books, they're some of my favorite tying references!"




Cover image of How to Choose & Use Fly-tying Thread
cover image - Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies featuring a pattern by Rob Solo.

How to Choose & Use Fly-tying Thread was prepared for UNI Products by Paul C Marriner and Gale's End Press. This 53-page digital booklet is available in three formats: a PDF file optimized for tablet or larger screens, a .mobi file for Kindles and Kindle apps and an ePub version for phones or eReaders. It aims to help beginning fly-tiers understand the types and sizes of fly-tying threads and how they can best be used to tie today's incredible variety of fly patterns. It is also a valuable teaching aid. More advanced tiers may find new insights into thread manipulation techniques and the sizing distortions present in today's marketplace. Some of the topics covered in the booklet are: 1) thread materials, construction, and sizes; 2) basic thread operations such as tying-in and tying-off; 3) dubbing techniques; and 4) spinning hair. All techniques are fully illustrated with color photographs, more than 90 in all. UNI Products offers threads to tie everything from a 1/8" long caenis mayfly for trout to a 12" Sea Habit Bucktail for marlin.

Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies, Digital  Edition, (print edition is sold out) has 477  pages optimized for tablets and phones as well as laptop and desktop computers. A version for Kindle or Kindle apps is available from Amazon. With only a very few exceptions each pattern has its own page with a large, quality, image. Like the second print edition it features 417 fully-described patterns, with colour photos and recipes for about 40 more; an increase of almost 25% over the first edition. Text-only descriptions are typically variations of patterns with an image. Two new patterns have been added and one that appeared in the first two print editions deleted. Recipes and images of many salmon flies can be found on the web, but few are shown as tied by the originator; more than 75% of the patterns in Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies are.

Cover image of Atlantic Salmon: A Fly Fishing Reference. A Donald Pentz painting of an angler fishing a salmon pool on the Margaree River.
cover image for the eBook; Fly Fishing in Lakes and Ponds; angler in pontoon boat with large rainbow trout

The print edition of Atlantic Salmon: A Fly Fishing Reference appeared in 2006 and quickly sold out. A revised and updated edition is now available here as a PDF and from Amazon for Kindle or Kindle apps.

Atlantic salmon angling is intimidating to some, challenging for most, and second-nature to a few. To help the first two groups, and entertain (perhaps intrigue) the last, Paul Marriner has distilled more than fifty years of experiences on some 150 publicly-accessible salmon rivers into Atlantic Salmon: A Fly Fishing Reference. Its 234 pages are richly illustrated with more than 300 images and illustrations. This new digital edition includes links to numerous useful sites.

Fly Fishing in Lakes and Ponds is an updated and revised edition of Stillwater Fly Fishing: Tools & Tactics  in a variety of eBook formats. It features fly fishing equipment, techniques and fly patterns to catch a variety of fish species in lakes and ponds. Richly illustrated with more than 180 photos (colour) and illustrations. Includes links to a variety of useful sites as well as scientific studies of trout diets and a bibliography of selected references. More than 55 effective fly patterns are described or linked to, 43 with large images.

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Cover of Stillwater Fly Fishing: Tools & Tactics. Image of Tasmanian angler fighting a brown trout.
cover image - How to Choose & Use Fly Tying Thread




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