Books for Flyfishers

Prepared for UNI Products by Paul C Marriner and Gale's End Press, this 48-page, 5.25 x 8.25 inch, booklet is a valuable teaching aid and supplementary handout for fly-tying instructors. Instructors or clubs can order multiple copies, charge is for shipping only. Contact us for details.


Some of the topics covered in the booklet are: 1) thread materials, construction, and sizes; 2) basic thread operations such as tying-in and tying-off; 3) dubbing techniques; and 4) spinning hair. All techniques are fully illustrated with color photographs, more than 90 in all. How to Choose & Use Fly-tying Thread aims to help beginning fly-tiers understand the types and sizes of fly-tying threads and how they can best be used to tie today's incredible variety of fly patterns. UNI Products offers threads to tie everything from a 1/8" long caenis mayfly for trout to a 12" Sea Habit Bucktail for marlin.


Individual copies are available for $5.00 (Canada or US) and $7.00 to Western Europe. Rest of the world must contact us to request mailing costs.

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